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Home in Historic Baker
This is where your next adventure begins. Catch a summer concert at Alamo Placita Park or Hungarian Freedom Park, spend the day walking or biking along winding city trails, go shopping at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center or hop between favorite restaurants and social scenes. From here, it’s all within reach.
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Cherry Creek Trail

7 Minutes

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6 Minutes

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Cherry Creek Shopping Centre

5 Minutes

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6 Minutes

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1.  Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service

487 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

2.  Wahoo’s Fish Taco

1233 South Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80246

3.  Brightmarten Restaurant & Bar

730 South University Boulevard
Denver, CO 80209

4.  Carmine’s on Penn

92 South Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80209

5.  Taki Sushi

420 East Bayaud Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

6.  Washington Park Cleaners

529 East Ohio Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

7.  Washington Park

701 South Franklin Street
Denver, CO 80209

8.  Trader Joe's

661 Logan Street
Denver, CO 80203

9.  Washington Park Grille

1096 South Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80209

10.  A Blue Moon Floral

300 East 6th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

11.  The Hornet

76 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

12.  Waterworks Car Wash

276 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

13.  Postino Broadway

145 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80223

14.  Grant-Frontier Park

2300 South Platte River Drive
Denver, CO 80223

15.  Sundance Publication Ltd

221 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203

16.  Ruby Hill Park

1200 West Florida Avenue
Denver, CO 80223

17.  Kimbulian & Noury Oriental Rugs

126 Acoma Street
Denver, CO 80223

18.  Little India Restaurant & Bar Downing St.

2390 South Downing Street
Denver, CO 80210

19.  Family Trucks & Vans

2400 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

20.  Swallow Hill Music

71 East Yale Avenue
Denver, CO 80210

21.  Posh the Salon Denver

2703 East Louisiana Avenue
Denver, CO 80210

22.  Extra Space Storage

3888 East Mexico Avenue
Denver, CO 80210

23.  Denver South High School

1700 East Louisiana Avenue
Denver, CO 80210

24.  Sam’s Club

505 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

25.  El Salon

777 East Virginia Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

26.  Novo Barbers

1109 South Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80210

27.  Salon Theory Wash Park

2220 East Tennessee Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

28.  Halo Salon Denver

2322 East Exposition Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

29.  Restaurant Olivia

290 South Downing Street
Denver, CO 80209

30.  Beatrice & Woodsley

38 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

31.  Denver Country Club

1700 East 1st Avenue
Denver, CO 80218

32.  Cafe Byblos Greek & Lebanese

400 N Corona Street
Denver, CO 80218

33.  At The Beach – Broadway

555 Broadway Ave
Denver, CO 80203

34.  Alvino Massage

612 North Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203

35.  Lou's Food Bar

701 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

36.  Denver Botanic Gardens

1007 York Street
Denver, CO 80206

37.  The Fillmore Auditorium

1510 North Clarkson Street
Denver, CO 80218

38.  History Colorado Center

1200 North Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

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