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January 30, 2024

RedPeak Wins 2023 Employee Choice Award from Swift Bunny

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Denver, CO– January 30, 2024 – Swift Bunny, provider of Ingage by Swift Bunny™ employee lifecycle feedback system, published the winners of the 2023 Employee Choice Award. Achievement recognizes high performing company culture and sustained employee engagement. RedPeak is thrilled to announce that we are an award winner.

The 2023 Employee Choice Award recognizes Ingage by Swift Bunny™ clients who achieve an exceptional overall Engagement Score as of December 31st. The Engagement Score is based on confidential employee feedback surveys completed by the company’s associates throughout the calendar year. An exceptional Engagement Score is an indication that RedPeak leaders care about employee feedback and are committed to creating positive, productive workplaces, minimizing employee turnover, and sustaining a culture where employees are valued.

The complete list of 2023 Employee Choice Award winners can be found online.

“One of the many advantages of our partnership with Swift Bunny is the ability to continually hear from our employees on what topics matter the most to them,” states Marisa Joslyn, Manager of Human Resources at RedPeak. “Our Employee Lifecycle Surveys are event-triggered surveys that are based on key moments in our team member’s experience with RedPeak including, but not limited to the new hire experience, first week experience, onboarding, role transition, hire date anniversary, exit survey, and more.”

Joe P. Bailey, Swift Bunny’s CEO and Founder, said, “2023 was a challenging year marked by instability in the labor market and economy. Despite these challenges, leaders at RedPeak put people first in their decision making and focused on creating a satisfying and rewarding workplace experience. By doing so, they set the stage for lower employee turnover, community and portfolio stability, superior customer service, and solid financial performance.”

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