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February 6, 2024

RedPeak Strengthens its On-Site Leadership Teams with Four Key Promotions

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RedPeak is excited to announce the promotions of four key members of our team! These individuals have made significant contributions to our company’s success and represent what it means to be a true RedPeak ambassador, demonstrating our company’s mission and values day in and day out. We are ecstatic to recognize their accomplishments with these well-deserved promotions.

Delaney Johnson, Multi-Site Manager at Downing CentralWe are thrilled to announce Delaney’s promotion to Multi-Site Manager of Downing Central. Joining RedPeak in 2019, Delaney swiftly impressed, earning a promotion from Leasing Professional at The Seasons of Cherry Creek to Operations Manager within one short year. In her most recent position as Community Manager at The Hadley, Delaney played a crucial role after the purchase of the property, turning over it over from previous ownership to the success that we see today. Delaney’s leadership truly shines. When faced with the interim Community Manager role at The Seasons of Cherry Creek in the summer of 2023, she embraced the challenge and seamlessly stepped in, showcasing her unwavering dedication and willingness to go the extra mile. She consistently motivates her team to achieve success, fosters a positive and supportive environment, and even manages to navigate tough times with a smile. We have no doubt that under Delaney’s leadership, Downing Central will continue to set RedPeak apart and EARN THE REPUTATION!

Brianna Ragains, Multi-Site Manager at Steele Central- We are excited to announce Bri’s promotion to Multi-Site Manager at Steele Central. Bri joined RedPeak as a Floating Leasing Professional in March 2021 with the Urban Steele team and was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager/Operations Manager at the Grant Office.  In February of 2023, she was promoted to Community Manager at Elowyn where she has had the opportunity to work closely with the construction and renovation teams to complete the townhome renovations. Now, she is looking forward to returning to Steele in her new role. Bri approaches every day with a positive attitude and always has RedPeak’s best interest in mind. She continuously emphasizes the importance of providing excellent customer service and is dedicated to her team as well as RedPeak residents. Bri is driven by a challenge and looks for ways to continue to learn and see different perspectives.  She deeply values leading by example and takes every opportunity to teach and train others. Way to INVEST IN EACH OTHER, Bri!

Chelsea Leitch, Community Manager at Eloywn TownhomesWe are pleased to announce the promotion of Chelsea Leitch to Community Manager of Elowyn Townhomes. Chelsea joined RedPeak as a Multi-Site Assistant Manager in July 2019 with the Urban Dahlia Team and was quickly promoted to Operations Manager at Poets Row in 2020.  Because of her positive reputation, she was personally sought out for spearheading renovations at Poets Row, The Scot, and The Brit and served as the inaugural Operations Manager for Grant Central.  In September of 2022, she advanced to the Multi-Site Operations Manager position at Sherman Central during an extremely critical period, showcasing her expertise in providing major operational support.  The community is now operating smoothly in both administrative and maintenance capacities. Overall, Chelsea has overseen and optimized the performance of multiple diverse property portfolios.  She has proven to be extremely passionate, super driven with a positive attitude, and loves taking advantage of opportunities to GO FORWARD.

Kailey Hassan-Wolff, Multi-Site Manager at Sherman Central- We are overjoyed to announce Kailey Hassan-Wolff’s promotion to Multi-Site Manager at Sherman Central. Kailey joined RedPeak in 2018 as a Leasing Agent for Urban Living Dahlia, and her commitment to excellence quickly set her apart. Within just a year, she earned a well-deserved promotion to Assistant Manager at Colorado Station. Kailey’s journey then led her back to the urban core at Urban Living Steele, where she took on the role of Multi-Site Manager of Steele Central in March 2022. Her ability to lead and inspire her team, coupled with her unparalleled dedication to customer service, has made Kailey an invaluable asset to our organization. Not only has she excelled in her managerial responsibilities, but she has also played a pivotal role in training new team members and investing in the development of their skill sets. This promotion is a testament to Kailey’s dedication, hard work, and outstanding contributions to our team. Way to OWN IT, Kailey!


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