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RedPeak Offers Cardboard-free Move Via BungoBox

Through a partnership with BungoBox, RedPeak offers residents a cardboard-free move.As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we give residents a 10% discount on BungoBox recycled plastic moving boxes through our RedPeak Perks program.Available in two sizes, BungoBoxes have lids that snap into place, and the bottom of each container fits snugly atop the next, making them easy to stack. They also come with removable content labels.The rental process is fairly simple.First, the boxes are dropped off at your doorstep. Next, you fill the boxes and take them where you need to go. Then, after you've unpacked them, BungoBox picks them up.BungoBox says folks spend about 50% less money renting their moving boxes than they would buying cardboard ones. Plus, BungoBoxes made of industrial strength plastic are more durable.Still not sold on BungoBox? Consider this:One BungoBox replaces a minimum of 250 cardboard boxes during its lifetime, meaning a single BungoBox will save:1,575 gallons of water4 large trees923 kilowatts of energy40 gallons of gas