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May 6, 2024

RedPeak Named Employee Engagement Leader by Swift Bunny

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We’re proud to announce that RedPeak has been named an Employee Engagement Leader by Swift Bunny! This incredible recognition places RedPeak amongst the top multifamily property management companies for employee satisfaction. The designation is based on data collected through Ingage by Swift Bunny™, a cutting-edge employee lifecycle feedback system.

Each quarter, Swift Bunny’s Employee Engagement Leaderboard recognizes companies with the highest Engagement Scores. This score provides valuable insights into how our employees feel about:

  • Company Culture: Do our team members feel valued and respected within RedPeak?
  • Job Satisfaction: Are we equipping our employees with the tools and support they need to thrive in their roles?
  • Career Development: Does RedPeak offer clear paths for employees to grow and advance their careers?
  • Employee Retention: How likely are our employees to stay with RedPeak for the long haul?

At RedPeak, fostering a work environment that’s both high-performing and highly satisfying for our team members is a top priority. This recognition from Swift Bunny is a tremendous honor, and it validates our ongoing commitment to employee engagement. We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and grateful to our dedicated employees who make RedPeak such a special place to work!

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