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December 15, 2021

RedPeak launches new employee recognition program

Company Initiatives

At RedPeak, our success comes from our team members, and we value and appreciate their contributions to our company and our culture. RedPeak is launching a new employee recognition program called RedPeak Recognition, which seeks to recognize our team members who are living our values every day. 

RedPeak has teamed up with Awardco to facilitate more rewarding recognition and provide a peer-to-peer recognition resource for our team members. Team members will be able to give and receive recognition for living RedPeak’s values using a simple, user-friendly platform that integrates with Amazon Business to provide limitless options for rewards. They will be able to recognize team members, earn points, and reward themselves with something they really want. 

Recognition from teammates can be even more valuable and rewarding than recognition from a manager, and with the tools available to all team members through RedPeak Recognition, team members can quickly and easily show appreciation for all of the people they work with and build an even better culture of encouragement and teamwork. Engage with teammates, get to know each other, and expand your social network with the new RedPeak Recognition program.

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