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Portrait of Jared Miller.

December 31, 2021

RedPeak 2021 Year in Review

Company Initiatives

As we leave 2021 in the dust and turn our eyes to 2022, one can’t help but to see hope. While challenging, the last 2 years have brought new meaning, new understanding, and new opportunities. Our team has grown, flexed, and risen to challenges that none of us could have predicted – which will serve us well in the coming year. 

 2021 saw many changes at RedPeak:

  • The addition of so many incredibly talented professionals
  • Numerous internal promotions
  • The acquisitions of:
    • Trace West
    • The Flats at Creekside
    • Dayton Station
    • Hadley (well… acquisition of Hadley for a second time)
  • A reimagined brand that continues to put our culture at the forefront
  • A new website 
  • RedPeak Recognition – a better way to recognize all of your accomplishments
  • A stronger focus on efficiency that will continue to reshape how we do business in 2022 and beyond
  • Major renovations completed at Story, Scot, 1280 Lafayette, and Poet’s Row while Trace and Trace West are nearing completion

As we turn our focus to a new year, we want to thank each of you for living the culture and helping us continue to earn the reputation during a challenging time. Walking the talk is much simpler when times are easy, but the way each of you delivered this year was inspiring. The hope is that 2022 feels more normal and allows us to finally gather as a company. There is so much to celebrate and even more exciting things on the horizon for the company and everyone on our team. Without each of you doing what you do, bringing your unique experiences and talents to the table, and investing in each other; RedPeak would be a vastly different place. Thank you for your continued dedication and cheers to a bright 2022. 

Mark W, Mark T, Bobby and Jared

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