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RedPeak 2021 awards.

February 11, 2022

Winter 2022 Impact Award Winners

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RedPeak is celebrating the recipients of the Financial Impact, RedPeak Impact, Rookie of the Year, and Team Impact awards, as well as the nominees. Chelsea Fredell, Janna Naugle, and Tonya Krueger were nominated for the Financial Impact award. Brain Lynch, Chelsea Fredell, Chelsea Leitch, Dean Steib, Faith Aids, Janna Naugle, Kailey Hassan-Wollf, Kaley Halderman, Leslie Parker, Marcia Armstrong, Nick St. Onge, and Tara Daughters were nominated for the RedPeak Impact award. The Rookie of the Year nominees were Brandon Lyons, Brianna Ragains, Chris Delaney, Chris Lynch, Eryn Jones, Jayde McGivern, Joseph Sais, Kiara Doran, Kico Evans, Leslie Parker, Natalie Gemmell, and Nick Vincent. The Team Impact award nominees were Danny Montesino, Kailey Hassan-Wollf, Kaley Halderman, Luis Torres, Mariah Cue, Sammie Corchado, Sheritta Washington, and Wesley Burleson.

The Financial Impact award recognizes the individual that has streamlined processes or procedures that result in quantifiable cost savings and has a skill set to eliminate the need for outside resources, all without cutting corners. The winner of this award, Janna Naugle, started at RedPeak in a leasing role and quickly moved to be an Assistant Manager and now a Community Manager. Janna was nominated for this award because she is “eager to learn [and] excels at understanding monetary management of her communities.” Janna has impacted several areas with her expertise, including improving the late fee process and serving on the Experience Committee. 

RedPeak honors the individual that has made a significant contribution to overall company & community success with the RedPeak Impact award. A RedPeak impact nominee plans or manages programs that make RedPeak a better place to work & thrive, has an innovative approach & expands their role to include challenges outside of their comfortable skill set, will generously share their solutions after seeing a need, and volunteers for committees & work group to help improve company processes. Leslie Parker is the recipient of this award because she makes RedPeak a “better company to call home…and work for.” She invests in her coworkers by “sharing her knowledge or simply spreading joy.” All of RedPeak’s values are encapsulated in her work, and Leslie has not only taken on several projects, but has excelled in all of them all while supporting her coworkers and enhancing RedPeak’s work environment. 

The Rookie of the Year award is rewarded to the person who has demonstrated exceptional initiative & creativity and has made significant contributions to RedPeak in a short period of time, between 3 to 12 months. This person has embraced & embodied RedPeak’s culture, has shown a remarkable ability to adjust to a new work environment while demonstrating enthusiasm & a high level of energy, and has set a benchmark for others to obtain through their contributions. This year, RedPeak recognized Brianna Ragains as the Rookie of the Year. Brianna has leased 85 apartments since starting as a leasing specialist just last March, and she goes “wherever she is needed in whatever capacity she is needed for.” Brianna can be counted on to always “jump right in [and] get things done with a smile.” 

The TEAM Impact award honors a team member who consistently applies RedPeak values and is the ultimate team player: always humble and never ego-driven, the TEAM Impact winner understands their part in the overall picture and delivers at the highest level every single day. The winner of the TEAM Impact award, Sammie Corchado’s influence extends far beyond her role as the Community Manager for Urban Living Steele. She consistently assists other RedPeak offices in solving problems, and acts as a mentor throughout the company by answering questions, providing advice, and offering ideas. Above all, she is loved by her team members and brings a positive attitude and outlook to work every day.

Congratulations to all of the award winners and nominees, and thanks for everything you do for RedPeak!

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