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Mercedes winning the 2022 RedPeak Impact Award.

June 30, 2022

Mercedes Estevez Wins Summer 2022 RedPeak Impact Award

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Twice a year, a call for nominations generates many heartfelt tributes to RedPeak team members who go above and beyond in delivering and living RedPeak’s mission to Energize Communities and Bring People Together.

“I will!” is the mantra of the RedPeak Impact Award Winner, which recognizes the individual that has made a significant contribution to overall company/community success.

A RedPeak Impact nominee:

  • Has planned or managed programs that make RedPeak a better place to work and thrive and helps the company Go Forward
  • Offers an innovative approach, and is always willing to expand their role to include challenges that may be out of their comfortable skill set
  • Sees a need, develops a solution, and then generously Invests in Each Other by sharing the solution with the entire organization
  • Volunteers for committees, work groups and learning opportunities the help improve company processes and direction and help us Go Forward

When this individual hears, “Can we do it?” they are first to enthusiastically respond, “Yes we can!” Then they own it. They make an impact. Their initiative and contributions make them indispensable and beloved.

Drum roll please…

2022 RedPeak Impact Award Winner is:

Mercedes Estevez, Housekeeper, Sherman Central

From her nomination:

Mercedes is personally touching each and every one of residents, with her “Good Mornings”, “How are you doing?”, and small chit chat through the day. Everyone knows Mercedes and thanks her for her service. She loves providing a sparkling clean environment. She’s known to mop a floor 3x in one day because someone tracks in dirt. For Mercedes a clean environment means a clean mind and a sense of peace to others. She stands by and lives by the RedPeak core values: Earning the Reputation, Owning it, Do it with Style, Investing in each other and Keep work Fun.

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