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RedPeak team at a Rockies game

RedPeak Careers


There’s A Reason We’re Known As One Of The Best Places To Work.

We hire changemakers that break the status quo. Overachievers in keeping work fun. People that invest in each other time and time again. We’re obsessed with bringing people together in our Colorado communities. Because we live here too. Sound familiar? That’s because RedPeak hires people like you. Explore benefits, personal development programs and open careers on our team.


Employee Benefits

Looking for a company that invests in its people? That offers great healthcare and has a 100% 401k match? That cares about local businesses and gives back to neighborhoods? You can stop looking, that’s RedPeak.

    • 50% monthly health club reimbursement and wellness programs
    • 100% 401k match
    • RTD and car share reimbursements
    • 3-week sabbatical after 10 years
    • RedPeak RnR
    • Birthday off
    • 8 Hours of Volunteer PTO


Learning & Growth Programs

We’re the kind of company people tend to stay with. We know each team member brings something unique to RedPeak, and we offer opportunities for you to expand your role, explore talents and continue learning and growing.

    • Certification reimbursement
    • Brunch and learn
    • Knowledge share
    • Focused small group
    • Association and conferences
    • Interactive and immersive events
    • Dedicated training programs


Team Events & Awards

We believe getting together is important. So we do. Often. From the annual Service Summit and Company Picnic (bring the whole fam), to department based team building events, there are plenty of events to keep work fun. Plus, there’s always food.

    • New Year Kick Off
    • Spring team event
    • Fall Service Summit
    • STAW
    • CLAW
    • Newbie get togethers


The Forward Committee

FORWARD is a strategic team that takes the lead in doing what’s right for RedPeak and advocates for company progress. FORWARD members are nominated by their peers and selected by the executive leadership team to serve for one year terms, and become actively involved on one of RedPeak’s strategic committees: Philanthropy, Innovation, Sustainability, Team and Experience. These are team members that know greatness is demonstrated, not declared, and receive elevated benefits for going above and beyond.


    • High-level visibility
    • Annual bonus up to 10% of base salary
    • Private FORWARD events
    • Annual event
    • Happy hours
    • Sporting or cultural events
    • First opportunities for advancement
    • Continued leadership development opportunities
    • 150% employee referral commissions


    • Deliver a clear cultural impact
    • Abide by and progress the company’s core values
    • Add value to the organization outside of their current role
    • Assist in developing, implementing and supporting key initiatives
    • Participate in one committee
    • Nominated by peers after 1 or more years of service. No self-nomination.
    • Complete an interview with the CEO, CIO, COO and Head of Experience.
    • FORWARD members must deliver a clear impact and interview to remain a member each year.
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