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Bilt Rewards

A loyalty program that lets you earn points on rent

Learn what you can earn from Bilt

With Bilt Rewards at RedPeak, your on-time payments morph into points, points that fuel epic adventures! Imagine: jet-setting around the globe, treating yourself to a shopping spree, or even unlocking the door to your dream home – all powered by your rent!

Bilt Rewards isn't just a program, it's a portal to possibilities. No matter where life takes you in your RedPeak apartment, Bilt Rewards takes you further. So ditch the boring routine, embrace the excitement, and turn rent day into reward day!

Ready to unleash the power of your rent? Join Bilt Rewards today and watch your points soar!

  • Open to all residents, including those who do not qualify for the Bilt Mastercard
  • Base earning of 250 points per on-time rent payment (funded by Bilt)
  • Register for a rewards account to be eligible for points from owner/operator
  • Earn additional points from Bilt Partners
  • Redeem points towards travel, rent credit, lifestyle categories, or even a down payment

How do I earn Bilt Points?

Earning Bilt Points is easy! If you live at a Bilt Rewards Alliance property, you can earn points just by paying your rent. You may also be eligible to earn points on other things like signing a new lease or renewing a lease.

What is the value of a Bilt Point?

It depends on how you want to use them! The value of Bilt Points varies based on how you choose to redeem them. The redemption option you choose and our relationship with each individual Bilt partner can yield an incredibly wide range of value per Bilt Point, which is why we don’t publish an exact single value for a Bilt Point.

    • TRAVEL: transfer Bilt Points to our airline and hotel partners at a 1:1 ratio
    • BILT TRAVEL PORTAL: access to Expedia's entire travel inventory, so you can choose to redeem your Bilt points, use your card to earn points or both.
    • FITNESS: redeem Bilt Points for classes at Soul Cycle, Rumble Boxing, [solidcore] or, Y7 studios
    • SHOPPING: use your Bilt Points to cover all or part of your purchases with Amazon*
    • LIFESTYLE: use your Bilt Points for home decor from the curated Bilt Collection
    • RENT: redeem your Bilt Points for all or a portion of your next month's rent
    • HOMEOWNERSHIP: put your Bilt Points towards a portion of a future downpayment on a home purchase
    • *Bilt Points can be applied toward purchases on Amazon only if you are a Bilt Mastercard holder

What are my Bilt Points redeemable for?

You can use Bilt Points for travel, items in our exclusive member catalog, next month's rent, your favorite fitness classes, or even towards a downpayment on a home. You can check out all the redemption options in the Bilt Rewards app.

What are the Bilt status tiers?

Blue - anyone enrolled in Bilt Rewards with under 25,000 points

Silver - 25,000 points earned

Gold - 50,000 points earned

Platinum - 100,000 points earned

Tier status earned at any point in a year remains active through the end of the following year (So if you earn Gold status by the end of a calendar year, you'll keep that status in the following year).

Earn Interest on Points (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Bilt Rewards will be the first-ever loyalty program to pay interest on your points. Every month, you’ll be paid interest in the form of bonus points based on the ending spendable points balance on the last day of the month.

Bilt’s Homeownership Concierge (Gold, Platinum)

Members who opt to redeem Bilt Points towards their home down payment can utilize the help of a dedicated concierge that will walk members through the home-buying process step-by-step.

Bonus Points on New Leases or Renewals (Silver, Gold, Platinum) -Bilt will apply a bonus points multiplier (10% Silver, 25% Gold, 50% Platinum) on top of Bilt Rewards points issued by participating properties to members for signing for new tenant leases and lease renewal, depending on member status.

Complimentary Bilt Collection Gift (Platinum)

Upon reaching Platinum status, members will receive a complimentary gift from the Bilt Collection - an exclusive and curated assortment of home decor and art.

How do I redeem points towards a down payment?

You should email with proof of home purchase (the sales contract) and include how many points you'd like to redeem.

How much are Bilt points worth when redeemed towards a downpayment? Points are converted at 1.5c per point! For example, if you have 100,000 Bilt Points that could turn into $1,500 towards your down payment.

Ready to learn more?

Click the link below to learn more about Bilt Rewards and how they can help you earn rewards just by paying rent at RedPeak.

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