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RedPeak employees celebrating Halloween in a variety of costumes.

October 21, 2021

Annual RedPeak Home Office Chili Cook-off and Costume Contest

Keep Work Fun

When the air gets crisp and pumpkin spice is back on the menu, RedPeak’s talented and creative employees pull out all the tricks and treats for the annual Chili Cook-off and Costume Contest. 

Souls were warmed and bellies were filled with tasty chili from Chelsea Fredell (this year’s winner for best green chili and a very fashionable butterfly), Faith Aids (who took home the award for best red chili decked out in a pretty rad shark costume), and all of the other cook-off participants. As for the costume contest, Kim Alackness took the top prize, doing it with style as a fantastic Chewbacca, crossbow included (no audio available, but assume the growl was on point). 

Keeping work fun is easy with bowls of warm chili and costumed coworkers roaming the office, and RedPeak is excited to celebrate the season with its fun and creative team. Happy Halloween!

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