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1190 Birch with floral wall mural.

June 13, 2022

A Mural at 1190 Birch? Hale Yes!

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RedPeak takes a long-term ownership view on our portfolio and from time-to-time, this presents an opportunity to do something incredibly unique. At 1190 Birch, the tile on the building’s façade needed to be replaced. Rather than simply replace it with like tile or basic stucco, we passed the potential concepts through our mission statement and core values – as we do with all of our major decisions. Our mission statement is to Energize Communities. Bring People Together. Our core values include Do It With Style and Own It. Meaning we always take the opportunity to add our own flair and unique style where possible and we approach every conversation differently because we own our communities. We simply do it right. Working with NINE dot Arts, and after interviewing many artists, we decided to work with Taylor Herzog because we felt her style not only reflected RedPeak, but would energize the surrounding neighborhood. We wanted to deliver an experience that would make our residents even more proud to come home to 1190 Birch.

Taylor Herzog is a Colorado based painter, muralist, and lover of dance. Her work resembles and plays off the structure and foundation of the Colorado landscape she boldly portrays and loves. Each of her paintings are a visual diary, a representation of her playfulness, energy, vitality, and willingness to love and explore. It’s simple to get lost in the vibrant colors, textures, and topographical elements that her work exudes.

Taylor’s mural at 1190 Birch Street celebrates Colorado, and more specifically the Mile High City, where RedPeak is from. Using deep-rooted organic colors, Taylor has transformed the surface of the building with expressive mark-making. Gold and white lines are layered onto a painterly background, mimicking the city gird of Hale, where 1190 Birch is located. Lastly, in the forefront are exaggerated oversized Pasqueflowers, a Colorado wildflower. This element sparks curiosity, creating a lasting and impactful impression.

We hope everyone enjoys the beautiful piece of art in the Hale neighborhood.

Here’s to continuing to: Energize Communities & Bring People Together.

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