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The Redpeak 2023 Impact Award winners.

February 12, 2024

2023 Winter Impact Award Winners Announced

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Twice a year, RedPeak calls upon its team members to generate tributes within the company who have gone above and beyond in delivering and living RedPeak’s mission to Energize Communities and Bring People Together. The outpour of nominations this year filled us with immense pride as it was a true testament to the amazing talent and commitment we share at RedPeak. The winners of each award were officially announced at the Annual RedPeak New Year Kick-Off party on January 26, 2024. From game-changing innovation to unwavering community support, explore the four distinct categories of the Impact Awards, meet the inspiring winners, and discover the impactful contributions they’ve made across various areas of our company.


RedPeak Impact Award

Imagine a RedPeak rockstar who builds awesome programs, tackles any challenge head-on, and shares their genius with everyone. They volunteer like nobody’s business, always leading the charge with a resounding “Yes we can!” Their infectious energy and impactful ideas make them irreplaceable and adored by all. That’s the definition of a RedPeak Impact Award nominee. This year, we didn’t have just one deserving rockstar, but TWO. Congratulations, Delaney Johnson and Mariah Cue!

Delaney Johnson, Multi-Site Manager at Downing Central“Delaney was pulled from her desk at Hadley to manage The Seasons property during its sale, arguably the most important event RedPeak has had in years. For her to be asked to fill this critical position really says it all. Delaney is the “go-to” manager. Since then, she has been asked to train multiple people in new manager roles just in the last few months. Again- the “go-to” person. Delaney is a blast to work with, she’s got a sharp wit, makes great decisions every day/ all day long and gets stuff done. She’s extremely compassionate and understanding and takes care of her people. She has gone about and beyond for RedPeak this year.”

Mariah Cue, Systems Support Specialist- “Mariah’s commitment to supporting the organization has been nothing short of exceptional. She has not only displayed remarkable growth but has also proven to be an invaluable team player, providing next-level support to team members at all levels of the organization. Mariah’s mantra, “I will,” resonates through her actions, earning the respect and admiration of her peers. Year to date, she has successfully completed over 1,000 Support Requests, and has earned the coveted position of being the most recognized team member in RedPeak Recognition this year for her contributions and support of the organization.”



Team Impact Award 

The Team Impact Award recognizes the individual that is heart and soul of their team. The one who inspires others, fosters collaboration, and delivers results with unwavering enthusiasm. This award celebrates the unsung hero, the glue that holds the team together. This team member is recognized for their contagious positivity, commitment to exceptional service, and their ability to bring out the best in everyone around them. They embrace the spirit of collaboration and Keep Work Fun! This person embodies RedPeak’s values, leading by example with honesty and integrity, and ultimately helping our company reach new heights – all while remaining humble and lifting others up. It is with great honor to recognize Andy Frick as this year’s Team Impact Award winner.

Andy Frick, Service Supervisor at Steele Central- “Andy has the ultimate “can do” attitude. His attitude, dedication, and knowledge has been a huge driver to the success of the Steele Central properties. We would not be as successful without Andy leading our service team members. Andy was recently recognized for helping 180 Flats with leak repairs, a community outside of his own HUB. His willingness to help another team without notice demonstrates his dedication to the team members of RedPeak. He is also a mentor through the Train the Trainer program and has successfully onboarded and trained new technicians and continues to support the Steele Central team with anything they need.”



Rookie of the Year Impact Award

The Rookie of the Year Award celebrates RedPeak’s newest standouts – those who, within their first year, have showcased exceptional initiative and creativity, making a significant and impactful contribution to the company. They are recognized for bringing fresh energy, quick adaptation, and dedication to shaping RedPeak’s future. This award shines a light on the rising star who exemplifies our culture and leaves an undeniable mark in their first 12 months. We are pleased to award Brittney Downing as RedPeak’s Rookie of the Year.

Brittney Downing, Marketing Coordinator- “Brittney approaches every challenge with an infectious positive energy and an unwavering determination to succeed. Her strategic approach to promoting our company’s values, highlighting our apartment communities, and showcasing our amazing team members has increased awareness of our brand in the Denver market, significantly contributing to the growth and success of our business. One of Brittney’s most remarkable qualities is her genuine commitment to supporting and empowering our onsite teams. Whenever there is an immediate need to increase our lead volume or enhance our marketing initiatives, Brittney goes above and beyond to lend a helping hand, investing in the success of the entire team.”



Financial Impact Award 

This distinguished award recognizes the individual who embodies RedPeak’s commitment to efficiency and excellence. It seeks the champion who delivers demonstrably lower costs without compromise, whose process improvements spark tangible savings, and whose proactive skills or acquired expertise liberate us from relying on external resources. In essence, we celebrate the innovator who not only saves us money, but also empowers us to be more self-sufficient and impactful. Their contributions pave the way for a brighter future, where both our community and company thrive through sustainable, resourceful efforts.

Nick Houston, Sales Manager-“Nick is amazing! This year, Nick has played a pivotal role in overall leasing, not only for Urban Core but for the majority of RedPeak. This amounts to nearly 2600 units, making Nick accountable for about 75% of leasing and move-in activity for the company. As the leader of the largest team at RedPeak, he finds remarkable ways to invest in others, working alongside his leasing professionals and move-in coordinators providing unwavering support, coaching and the most collaborative work environment. His work with Marketing, the Portfolio Directors, and the Learning + Development team has helped grow leasing into what it is today.”

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