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Team Member News | June 20, 2022

2022 Impact Award Nominees Announced

Twice a year, a call for nominations generates many heartfelt tributes to RedPeak team members who go above and beyond in delivering and living RedPeak's mission to Energize Communities and Bring People Together. While only one person can win in each category, every one of these team members deserves accolades for their contributions.

The Financial Impact Award recognizes the individual that has delivered excellence in the following criteria:

  • Quantifiable cost/expense savings to the community and/or company without cutting corners
  • Finds ways to streamline processes or procedures that result in quantifiable cost savings and helps the organization Go Forward
  • Brings a skill set or initiates additional learning/training to eliminate the need for outside resources and therefore reduce expenses

2022 Financial Impact Award Nominees include:

  • Elizabeth Klein
  • Jamie Williams
  • John Doran

The Team Impact Award recognizes the individual that is the glue, the go-to and the get-it done person within their team.

A Team Impact nominee:

  • Offers a persistently positive and enthusiastic outlook
  • Serves as a constant example of service delivery at the highest level
  • Regularly serves as a mentor to other team members
  • Creates and fosters team synergy
  • Encourages collaboration and team spirit - Keeps Work Fun
  • Consistently demonstrates RedPeak Values and acts as a positive ambassador for the company
  • Serves as an example of professionalism, honesty and integrity, helping RedPeak Earn the Reputation

Always humble, and never ego driven, the Team Impact winner never tries to stand alone. Rather, they understand how to invest in each other, and deliver at the highest levels every single day. They deliver with heart and soul.

2022 Team Impact Award Nominees include:

  • Antonio Siervo
  • Bart Snead
  • Brandon Lyons
  • Chris Lynch
  • Jackie Olsen
  • John Doran
  • Kevin Lucero (2)
  • Kico Evans
  • Mariah Cue
  • Mercedes Estevez
  • Nick Houston
  • Sammie Corchado
  • Zack Kurtz

“I will!” is the mantra of the RedPeak Impact Award Winner, which recognizes the individual that has made a significant contribution to overall company/community success.

A RedPeak Impact nominee:

  • Has planned or managed programs that make RedPeak a better place to work and thrive and helps the company Go Forward
  • Offers an innovative approach, and is always willing to expand their role to include challenges that may be out of their comfortable skill set
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