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Olga Grossaint


Olga Grossaint is the Corporate Controller at RedPeak. Her background includes more than 15 years in real estate, first in the residential sector with Simpson Property Group and later with Resolute Investments on the commercial side, before joining RedPeak in 2016. Olga enjoys the office distinction of having a hometown farthest from Denver - Omsk, Russia in Western Siberia.Her studies brought her to Denver, where she graduated Cum Laude from Regis University with a BS in Accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. Olga sees the Denver metro area's rapid growth as a positive force that will create competition in multifamily real estate and drive providers to create better offerings.When she's not at work, you can find Olga enjoying a peaceful swim at the Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat, practicing yoga, cooking, or traveling the globe. Though not a skier, she names Vail as her favorite spot in Colorado, as she finds its charm, beauty, and fairytale village feel to be irresistible.

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