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Team for Tomorrow and Profit Sharing Partners

Walk into any RedPeak office or apartment community, and you’ll see flagstone plaques engraved with a Team Member’s name commemorating their first year with the company. Look closer and on many you’ll see a bronze Team for Tomorrow medallion.

Any time you see that medallion, you know that you’re in the presence of the company’s best and brightest Team Members who were invited to participate in the company’s success and profits.

Team for Tomorrow began, as many great ideas do, with thoughtful and meaningful conversations in RedPeak’s early days. We had just written our core values and asked ourselves what we could do to encourage our Team Members to embrace our values as part of this new company we were creating.

We discussed our equity partner — the State of Washington Pension Fund comprising the retirement earnings of hard-working teachers, firefighters and police officers — and how we could help them achieve more security in their retirement. We discussed how we could help motivate our Team Members to think like owners, who had skin in the RedPeak game. We discussed the kind of people we wanted to attract to our company as we grew. People who had customer service in their DNA and who strived to provide an exceptional experience to the people who call us “home.”

Team for Tomorrow is a direct result of those conversations and define the kind of company we wanted to create and the kind of company we are today.

And really, everyone wins. Our Team for Tomorrow participates meaningfully and financially in the success of RedPeak. Our residents receive better, more reliable service from our tenured teams. The company experiences less turnover and continues to achieve great results. And our investors receive higher returns for their retirement.