Portfolio Director

Marcia Armstrong

Marcia Armstrong has been in the residential apartment industry for 27 years, and in Colorado for most of that time. Her natural skill at establishing authentic connections and finding creative solutions led to a leasing job in college and ultimately a long and successful career. As a Leasing Professional, Resident Manager, and Portfolio Director, Marcia has a keen ability to see a struggling community's potential and a talent for building a team that delivers. Marcia contributed to the success of notable companies such as Woodbury Management and Legacy Partners before joining the RedPeak team 13 years ago, and has been instrumental in creating an inclusive culture throughout the organization since.As a Portfolio Director, she is most proud of helping to build and develop a team that cares about their clients and residents, and that promotes a genuine approach to apartment management. This commitment earned her AAMD's Tribute Award for Most Outstanding Regional Manage two times in a row. Outside of her dedication to the RedPeak team, Marcia loves to golf, bike and garden. She has a great affection for animals (dogs, in particular, as she currently has four rescues) and has given back to the community through her volunteer work at the Animal Rescue of the Rockies, as well as though her ongoing support of Family Homestead, a local agency devoted to ending homelessness.