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Renter's Insurance

Peace of mind for less than $1 per day

Losing possessions you’ve worked hard to acquire can be devastating. That’s why we require that all residents carry renters insurance. If the contents of your apartment are damaged, renters insurance will help recover the cost of your loss.

Renters insurance is surprisingly affordable. You can buy protection for less than $1 a day, apremium that is just a fraction of any replacement costs you would incur in the wake of an unexpected event.

You can purchase renters insurance from any company you choose. But, you may want to consider taking advantage of special rates on renters insurance offered through, a leading provider of renters insurance to the apartment industry.

How to Enroll

What’s more, you can pick the payment plan that works best for you (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) and even have your premiums paid via credit card or checking account debit. You will also have the peace of mind of an automatic renewal when your policy expires.

Proof of Renter’s Insurance

You will need to provide proof of renters insurance, including liability and personal property coverage. Remember, you can purchase renters insurance from any company you choose. Just be sure to provide your proof of insurance before or on your move-in day.


Please call your community’s leasing office with any questions you have about renters insurance as always, we’re here to help you!