The Sherman Central Leasing Center

Discover 12 properties from 1 leasing office
Community kitchen with bench tables, stone bar top, and wall mounted TVs.

The Sherman Central Leasing Center

With just one phone call, you can learn about all of the 12 RedPeak properties in the Central Denver area. Whether you’d like to tour one or all of the apartment buildings, our staff is on standby to guide you through your future home.

Call or Text Us 720.571.1813
Visit Us 7/S Denver Haus Apartments, East 7th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA
Office Hours Tue - Sat: 10AM - 6PM

Rent These Apartments at the Sherman Central Leasing Center
Image of 25 Emerson
Image of 50 Corona
Image of 60 Corona
Image of 7/S Denver Haus
Image of 70 Clarkson
Image of The Brit
Image of FIVE50
Image of Platt Park Townhomes
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