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Walk into any RedPeak office or apartment community, and you’ll see flagstone plaques engraved with Team Member names commemorating their first year with the company. Look a little closer. On many you’ll see a bronze FORWARD medallion.

When you do, you’ll know you’re in the presence of the company’s “best and brightest” those who played a major role in the company’s success and who have been invited to share in designing and executing strategic initiatives for the company.

FORWARD members are nominated by their peers and selected by the the executive leadership team to serve for one year terms, and become actively involved on one of RedPeak’s strategic committees – Philanthropy, Innovation, Sustainability, Team and Experience. Members are asked to serve as “RedPeak ambassadors” at all company events to ensure new team members feel welcome and supported, and have the opportunity to make up to 10% of their yearly pay dependent on contribution and involvement.