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Profit Sharing

Walk into any RedPeak office or apartment community, and you’ll see flagstone plaques engraved with Team Member names commemorating their first year with the company. Look a little closer. On many you’ll see a bronze Team for Tomorrow medallion.

When you do, you’ll know you’re in the presence of the company’s “best and brightest” those who played a major role in the company’s success and who have been invited to share in its profits as a result.

In RedPeak’s early days, discussions revolved around how we could help our equity partners achieve better financial results while at the same time inspiring the team to embrace our core values.

Our goal was to create a program that would attract and retain the kind of people who have customer service in their DNA a the kind of Team Members that think like owners.

Team for Tomorrow is a direct result of those conversations, and the program’s combination of recognition and financial reward has proven to be a tremendous success.

When you’re a member of Team for Tomorrow, you share in the company’s profits a at a minimum, the equivalent of one month’s salary paid every year. You read that right. No other company even comes close to providing a program like this one.

Because tenure among our Team Members is so essential to our success, we continue to invest in tools and training that make it possible to achieve Team for Tomorrow status. By providing the platform for continued growth, we’re building the kind of team that we envisioned at the very beginning.

It’s a true “win-win” scenario. Team Members are recognized for their hard work and dedication, residents receive truly attentive service and the company experiences less turnover.

Ultimately, Team for Tomorrow ensures that RedPeak and everyone associated with the company a achieves outstanding results, both professionally and financially.