970 Pennsylvania was built in 1940 and purchased by RedPeak in October of 2012. The 77 year old property has only ever had two owners and is located in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, one of Denver's most historically significant communities.

This property was originally named the Rose-Adell Apartments, a name that was given in honor of each of the developers’ wives. Though significantly renovated after purchase, all of the modern upgrades were designed to blend seamlessly with the original art deco architecture. RedPeak was careful to retain many of the characteristic details including painstakingly restored original hardwood floors and all of the 1940’s charm.

“There are many architecturally significant and distinct apartment buildings throughout central Denver, and we believe they provide a great option to people looking for a unique place to live,” said Mark Windhager, COO of RedPeak. “These buildings provide a classic look and feel that the newly constructed apartment towers can’t possibly match.”