60 Corona, the community that started the RedPeak UrbanLiving collective, was built in 1960 and touts a fascinating history closely tied to Washington Park and the surrounding neighborhood. The property was formerly known as the McFee Apartments which were named after the original owner and managed by his daughter until RedPeak acquired the property in May 2010.

Designated one of the a “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning association, Wash Park has a long and prominent place in Denver’s unique history. Developed in 1899 by architect Reinhard Scheutze, it has been a popular destination for over an hundred years as both a popular tourist attraction and local favorite for community concerts, events, lakeside picnics and activities that include jogging, walking or biking. Its design was influenced by Kessler, the Olmstead Brothers and the famous “Unsinkable” Molly Brown who was a prominent historical figure in Denver.