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At RedPeak, we like to say that “we own it.” That applies to everything from our buildings to your satisfaction living in them from our personal and business relationships to our environmental footprint. By embracing that sense of ownership, we’ve built a reputation as a company that people can trust.

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Our Vision

To strike a healthy balance between people, planet, and profit, and to have a positive impact on our residents, our Team Members, and the communities where we live.

We Support Charitable Organizations

While we operate in Colorado, we support the work of charitable organizations both here and around the world through our Sustainability Mission. Some of the groups we sponsor include:

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Our Connection to the Environment

Our connection to the environment is grounded in the understanding that true “sustainability” isn’t just about being “green,” it’s about finding the right balance of social, environmental and economic priorities that are essential to the long-term success of any company and those who rely on it. To that end, we have a dedicated Sustainability Committee comprised of RedPeak Team Members who evaluate and advance initiatives at our apartment communities and our home offices, such as:

RedPeak communities strive to meet the highest standards for environmentally friendly building, operation, and management practices. We’re proud to say that our hard work and dedication to sustainability has resulted in a Green Globe certification for 515 Clarkson and 1044 Downing. Our standards were recognized in multiple categories: project management, ecological impact, energy efficiency, water consumption and treatment, architecture, emissions, and indoor environment comfort.

ECD Energy and Environmental Canada developed the Green Globes rating system in 2000. Adapted in the United States as part of the Green Build Initiative, it is now widely recognized as a trusted resource for providing measurable standards similar in quality to LEED certification.