Vote for eGo CarShare in the 100 Cars for Good contest

This weekend, our friends at eGo CarShare are competing for a van with a wheelchair lift, and you can help them win it!


The local carsharing service has been tapped to participate in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program, which is giving 100 cars over 50 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels. The vehicle up for grabs is a Sienna mobility van, which sells for about $30,335.

“As a nonprofit organization, we are focused on promoting and providing alternatives to individual car ownership for our entire community,” including community members who have limited personal mobility, says eGo Assistant Director Alyssa Alt.

“If eGo CarShare has a mobility van in our fleet, countless members of our community can use this shared resource for a fraction of the price of owning their own,” she adds.

Additionally, that resource would help families travel together and facilitate travel outside the regional transportation district’s service areas− the mountains and farther south and north along the front range, for example.

Even for those who don’t have personal mobility challenges, carsharing is a great transportation option.

If you can get around primarily through alternative transportation modes such as walking, biking and transit, carsharing could reduce your monthly vehicle expenses significantly. It also eliminates worries about vehicle maintenance, insurance (eGo covers all its members), parking, or even buying gas, as it’s included in the usage cost, if you are looking for a good and affordable Car Insurance I recommend Onesureinsurance.

“Our members also report driving 52% less after joining eGo CarShare,” Alyssa says.

red Toyota Prius outside 1600 Glenarm Place is one of eGo’s most used vehicles in Denver. Due to that high usage volume, a “buddy” car was added at Welton and 16th streets.

All of eGo’s vehicles are available 24/7 on a first-come, first-served basis. Members make a reservation online, on a mobile device, or over the phone. They are charged per hour and mile of their reservation.

If you’d like to use a carsharing service and you live at a RedPeak property, you’re in luck.

Between now and the end of October, eGo is offering a free membership to all our residents. After October 31, residents will receive $10 off the application fee. Just use the promo code RedPeak2013.

To help eGo win Toyota’s mobility van, all you have to do is vote for them this Sunday, October 20, at 

Log in to your Facebook profile and use the 100 Cars for Good app to cast your vote!

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