Spring Cleaning: How To Get Organized

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, so what better time to get organized?!

Check out these easy tips for tidying up your apartment and making the most of every inch of living space.


1. Got a pile of scarves or neckties taking up precious storage space on a shelf or in a drawer? Here’s an inexpensive solution. All you need is a hanger, some shower curtain rings, and tape. Decorate with yarn or fabric strips if you’re feeling fancy.

2. Keep track of bobby pins and metal hair clips with the help of magnetic strip with adhesive backing. Just cut them to fit the inside of your medicine cabinet or drawer. Works for metal tweezers, nail clippers and cuticle scissors, too!

3. Ladies, ice cube trays make ingenious storage containers for small pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry Ice Tray (1)4. Don’t trip over a mobile phone, laptop or tablet cord ever again. Transform a drawer into a charging station, which keeps your electronics in one place and out of sight as they power up. Just make sure the back of the drawer is short enough to accommodate the power strip’s cord.

5. Never search for a measuring cup again. Instead of storing them in a drawer, hang them inside a cupboard.

6. Ironing boards can take up a considerable amount of space. Plus, they’re a hassle to fold and unfold. Take care of both issues with one solution: a magnetic ironing mat that rolls or folds up for easy storage.


Less than $10 will transform your washer or dryer into an ironing board. Buy a magnetic mat HERE.

For more organization and space-saving ideas, check out RedPeak’s Apartment Organization board on Pinterest.

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