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Planet: Helpful Hints Toward a Sustainable Future

At RedPeak Properties, our goal is to positively impact our Residents’ living experience, our Team Members’ work experience and the Communities in which we operate through sustainable initiatives that strike a balance between people, planet and profits.

We take pride in our sustainable initiatives, and it is not surprising that our Residents share the same passion for creating a more environmentally and economically friendly living experience.  To make selecting the sustainable decision easier in your home and on the go, we compiled a list of helpful hints toward building a sustainable future.


Make Your Fridge Efficient:

Clean the coils every six months to help use less energy and save money. 

How?  First, unplug your refrigerator or turn off the circuit breaker.  Second, flip up, or remove, the kick plate or toe grill.  Clean with a vacuum attachment or bottle brush. 

Keep your refrigerator temperature between 38 and 40 degrees, and your freezer temperature between 0 and 5 degrees.

Stop Standby Waste:

Unplug your TVs, DVD players, computers and all other major electronic equipment when you are not using them.  To avoid the hassle of plugging and unplugging your electronics, plug several electronics into one power strip and connect that strip to switch. 

Fix Drips and Leaks:

A slow but steady drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day.  Call your on-site service team today to fix that leaky faucet.  Some other ideas; turn off the water when you brush your teeth and keep a pitcher of water in your fridge.  You will save energy because you do not have to wait for your tap water to get cold.

Dishwasher Savvy:

Wait until your dishwasher is full to run it.  Better yet, let your dishes air dry on a rack instead of using your dishwasher.  If that is not an option, simply scrape off excess food before placing your dishes in the dishwasher.  Most new appliances do not require you to pre-wash before loading your dishes.

Washer and Dryer:

Wash your clothes in cold water rather than warm or hot water.  You could eliminate 500 pounds of CO2 emissions per year, plus make your clothes last longer.

Clean the lint filter on your dryer before each load.  You could reduce your energy use by 30 percent.

Thermostat Adjustments:

A good rule of thumb, set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter and to 78 degrees in the summer.  It can save you nearly 5% – 15% on your heating and cooling bill.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle:

It may sound obvious, but recycling saves a boat load of energy and money.  We offers recycling containers and pick-up at all of our communities!


Tire Pressure:

Properly inflating your tires reduces the harmful gases emitted from your car resulting in cleaner air.  If all drivers in the United States kept their tires at the recommended pressure, we could save nearly four million gallons of gas per day.  Plus, your tires would last longer.

Bring Your Own Bag:

Using a cloth bag when you go grocery shopping could save 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees.  Plus, cloth bags are reusable, sturdy and they’re free.

Bottle Breakers:

Use reusable aluminum or stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic bottles.  Producing plastic bottles uses energy, releases pollution and clogs our landfills.

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