Responsibility & Sustainability

With great success comes great responsibility.  As a company that has benefitted from the hard work of our staff, the patronage of the Front Range community and a decades-long relationship with the environment that sustains us, we feel an obligation to act with a sense of stewardship and deep appreciation.

OUR VISION: Positively impact our residents’ living experience, our Team Members’ work experience and the communities in which we operate through sustainable initiatives that strike a balance between people, planet and profit.

With our staff of more than 100 Team Members (and their families), that attitude is shown through a positive and stable work environment, where our turnover rate is significantly lower than the industry average.  It’s also demonstrated through intensive training and plentiful career development opportunities, as well as through profit sharing by way of our “Team for Tomorrow” program.

For our residents and business partners, our thanks takes many forms.  By continuing to go the extra mile to provide well-maintained apartments in communities where we foster a sense of unity and belonging, we give back to the people who choose to make their home with us.  Our conservative investment strategy and prudent risk management helps to ensure RedPeak’s continued success, and by extension, the well-being of the companies we work with.  What’s more, our investment dollars come from a state pension fund, so all of RedPeak’s profits benefit public employees, including teachers, police officers and other public servants.

While we operate in Colorado, we support the work of charitable organizations both locally and globally through our Sustainability Mission.  Some of the groups we sponsor include:

  • Cancer League of Colorado (Over the Edge)

  • Project Education Sudan (Climb for Sudan)

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Project Angel Tree

  • Family Homestead

  • Denver Rescue Mission

  • The Arrupe Jesuit High School Intern Program
  • Griffith Centers for Children

Our connection to the environment is grounded in the understanding that true “sustainability” isn’t just about being “green,” it’s about finding the right balance of social, environmental and economic priorities that are essential to the long-term success of any company and those who rely on it.  To that end, we have a dedicated Sustainability Committee comprised of RedPeak Team Members who evaluate and advance initiatives at our apartment communities and our home offices, such as: 

  • A focus on both in-fill development and a robust redevelopment programs to reduce land use and increase the value of our existing communities
  • Developed the first Built Green® apartments in Cherry Creek designed to increase energy efficiency by 15%
  • Offering complete recycling programs at all of our apartment communities

  • Using “green” cleaning products and CFL bulbs, and mineral filtration systems to clean our swimming pools and hot tubs instead of chlorine

  • Conducting energy audits and implementing tactics that improve water conservation and decrease energy consumption
  • Providing a 75% expense reimbursement to our Team Members to encourage the use of public transportation
  • Utilizing online reservations, service requests and rent payment reduce paper consumption
  • Sub-metering our utilities to allow our residents to control and reduces their energy consumption
  • Developing or acquiring communities that have high walkability scores and are close to public transportation options
  • Through our partnership with Bungo Box, even the move in/out process is more environmentally friendly. Bungo Box rents industrial strength plastic moving boxes that beat cardboard boxes on both cost and re-usability. Over the course of its lifecycle, a Bungo Box saves a significant amount of resources (water, trees, electricity, gasoline) over a cardboard box. And it is 100% recyclable. Ask a RedPeak Team Member for more information.

Continuing to design with green in mind, RedPeak communities strive to meet the highest standards for environmentally friendly building, operation and management practices. We are excited that our hard work and dedication to sustainability has resulted in a Green Globe certification for 515 Clarkson and 1044 Downing. Our standards were recognized in the following categories: project management, ecological impact, energy efficiency, water consumption and treatment, architecture, emissions, and indoor environment comfort.

ECD Energy and Environmental Canada developed the Green Globes rating system in 2000, and it has since grown in international popularity. Adapted in United States as part of the Green Build Initiative, it is now widely recognized as a trusted resource for providing measurable standards similar in quality to LEED certification. And that’s something we can get behind!

Explore more about the added benefit of environmentally focused amenities and Green Globe certification.