RedPeak Supports “Climb for Sudan”

Climb with RedPeak to support the “Climb for Sudan” event July 2nd – September 9th!

Two mountain climbers, Joe Rogers and Nick Spivey who were inspired by the “Lost Boys” of Sudan thousand-mile journey across three countries, will climb Colorado’s highest peaks, the 14ers, as a dedication to the former “Lost Boys” and the people of Sudan.

Who are the Lost Boys of Sudan?

The Lost Boys of Sudan are more than 20,000 boys who were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005), about 2.5 million were killed and millions were displaced in refugee camps.

The need:

The twenty-year civil war between Northern and Southern Sudan demolished the existing educational system in the South. Now that the war has finally ended, South Sudan recently celebrated their Independence Day July 9th, 2011!  As the newest nation on Earth, a rebuilding of infrastructure and education will be vital to ensure that the country survives.

How to become a Climber:

We invite all our residents and colleagues to make a donation through our Crowd Rise account!  The money will support the Project Education Sudan, a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer hope for the people of Southern Sudan by supporting indigenous organizations that make primary, secondary and adult education available for all.

Here’s how your donation can make a difference for children in Africa:

  • $10   Provide a mosquito net
  • $15   Provide a book bag
  • $25   Provide Feminine Sanitary supplies
  • $50   Provide school uniform and shoes
  • $75   Provide a two student desk
  • $100 Provide a bunk bed for dorms
  • $150 Fund a student for one year
  • $250    Pay a teacher’s salary for one month
  • $500    ½ year school supplies for 600 students
  • $1,500 Funds 10 students for one year
  • $1,500 Provide a brick making machine
  • $4,200 Fund a teacher’s salary for one year
  • $12,000 Fund a well to provide clean water
  • $35,000 Fund two classrooms or dorm buildings

Learn why Project Education Sudan is dedicated to offering hope to the people of South Sudan, Africa: 




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