Olga Grossaint


Years at RedPeak: 2

Years in Colorado: 24

Olga Grossaint is the Corporate Controller at RedPeak, and has been building an impressive real estate focused career for the past 15 years - in the residential sector with Simpson Property Group and later with Resolute Investments on the Commercial side, before joining RedPeak in 2016. Olga enjoys the office distinction of having a hometown farthest from Denver…Western Siberia, to be exact. Her studies brought her to Denver, where she graduated Cum Laude from Regis University with a BS in Accounting, and an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. After living in Denver for the past 23 years, she has fallen in love with the blues skies, mountain views and warm, friendly people.

If you asked Olga where her favorite spot in Colorado is, she will tell you Vail - even though she doesn’t ski. She says that there’s something about the fairytale village that exudes charm and beauty, and keeps her coming back for more.

As Metro Denver continues to develop and flourish at an alarming rate (traffic is truth) Olga believes this growth creates competition, that in turn will create better products, services and more choices for people living in the ‘Mile High’ city.

In her spare time, you might find Olga enjoying a peaceful swim at the Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat, practicing yoga, cooking or traveling the globe. Colorado summoned her from the industrial Omsk, Russia – far from the Ural Mountains in Siberia, and now those rich Rocky Peaks are home.

Favorite Thing About Colorado:

Vail - the charming, fairytale-like village has won her heart.