Novo Coffee is family owned, quality driven

At RedPeak, we like to support Denver area businesses by buying local whenever possible. Local purchases not only allow us to reinvest in our community, they also require less transportation, which helps reduce our environmental impact– something we’re very passionate about.

Here on the blog, we’ll be highlighting some of the thriving businesses that are producing a plethora of unique products in the Mile High City.


At any given time, Denver-based Novo Coffee is roasting 15 to 20 coffees in vintage Vittoria machines, one of which is powered by a Ferrari motor. How cool is that?

Those coffees –sourced from Africa, Central and South America, and The Pacific– are then promptly shipped to about 100 shops, restaurants and grocers throughout the United States. That’s a pretty impressive operation, especially considering Novo was only launched in 2002.
Herb Brodsky and his sons Jake and Joseph launched the roastery with a seemingly simple mission: to be more direct and authentic when it comes to sourcing and roasting coffee. 
In fact, Brady Guinn, retail operations manager for Novo, says they have been at the forefront of the direct trade movement.
“Direct trade provides a premium to coffee producers based on the quality of their operations and provides a more sustainable income to farms and washing stations,” he says.
Novo also makes their own syrups, even melting single-origin dark chocolate from Denver-based Ritual Chocolate at their shop in our 1600 Glenarm building.
The shop –which opened in May 2013– offers coffee, whole beans, and pastries, as well as local beers from Renegade Brewing Co., Black Shirt Brewing Co. and Hogshead Brewery and local wine from Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery.
If you haven’t tried Novo’s coffee –or you have and want to learn more about it– we suggest attending a public cupping at one of their retail shops. (There’s a second shop at 1700 E. Sixth Ave.) Check their Facebook page for details.
Novo also holds cuppings at their roastery at 3008 Larimer St. The cost is $15 and includes a bag of coffee.
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Image courtesy of Novo Coffee.

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