Joanna Pulido

Portfolio Director

Years at RedPeak: 12

Years in Colorado: 17

Joanna Pulido’s energy and direction have resulted in an 18-year successfully progressive property management career.
Intrigued by a friend’s position in property management, Joanna explored, and discovered, a fun environment full of interesting people - and a perfect fit for her inventive, stylish and problem-solving nature.

From her first leasing job, Joanna has worked for an impressive list of property management companies, including Camden, AMLI and JPI before finding her home a decade ago at RedPeak. She’s worked almost every position - leasing associate, assistant manager, leasing manger and community manager, which compliments the “been there, done that, how can I help?” approach her team values and respects her for.

At RedPeak, Joanna impresses her office mates with her Salsa dancing abilities, has propelled herself down a 30 story building for the Cancer League of Colorado and is always up for a friendly office competition. The company's Knowledge Share program fuels her passion and keeps the learning opportunities coming, but if you ask her, she will tell you she is proudest of her 5 year-old son, who keeps her life fun and full.

In 2015, Joanna celebrated her 10-year anniversary with RedPeak.

Favorite Thing About Colorado:

In addition to a good burger at the Cherry Cricket, I enjoy our seasons and quality of life. Social and outdoor options are endless!