It’s official. RedPeak rocks in Resident and Team Member satisfaction.

How do we know? Well, we simply asked.

Each year, RedPeak conducts a Resident and Team Member satisfaction survey administered by SatisFacts, the apartment industry’s premier resident satisfaction research provider and authority on resident retention.

Rocking with Residents

In our 2010 survey, we scored an overall portfolio average of 4.22 – outperforming the SatisFacts national benchmark index comprising several hundreds of thousands of apartments nationwide and placing the company in SatisFacts’ superior category.

“Our goal at RedPeak is to make the uncommon…common in apartment living,” said Mike Zoellner, RedPeak’s CEO. “The acknowledgement by our residents that we are consistently delivering on this promise is a tribute to the hard work and customer-focused attitude our team members bring to work each and every day.”

Notably, RedPeak earned superior and exceptional scores in the quality of work completed by its maintenance teams, the speed in which work orders were completed and the responsiveness and dependability of the office staff. (This is good to know – especially when you have to place a request for service!)

“Satisfying residents is not easily accomplished in today’s demanding world, where it is a challenge to simply meet consumers’ high expectations. Therefore, exceeding them is a feat,” said Doug Miller, president, SatisFacts.  “We measure performance in areas not monitored by traditional multifamily performance metrics: service delivery, communications and other ‘people’ scores. As a result, most first-year clients usually earn scores in the average range. RedPeak’s superior scores are a reflection of its team members’ mindset of truly caring about people and their strong desire to serve customers.”

Rolling with our Team Members

RedPeak also conducted a Team Member Satisfaction Study in 2008. And, not surprisingly, we earned a superior score of 4.40 as it relates to employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Team Member Study, which was also administered by SatisFacts, identified key areas of satisfaction to be finding new and better ways to serve customers, satisfaction with direct supervisor, the honest and ethical behavior modeled by RedPeak’s senior management team and the quality of the company’s 401(k) and benefits plans relative to other companies. When asked if they were proud to work for the company, RedPeak’s team members responded with an exceptional score of 4.54.

“It’s easy to draw the correlation between a happy and engaged workforce and high resident satisfaction numbers,” said Mr. Zoellner. “We are proud to provide a great work environment and vision our team members believe in. We look forward to expanding our presence in Denver and create more learning and growing opportunities for our team, while providing superior apartment living experience to people in Denver and the Front Range.”

The low down:

  • Each year, we survey our Residents and Team Members. When you live or work with RedPeak, you’ll have the chance to share your candid feedback with us!
  • We earned Superior and Exceptional scores in key areas that include the completion of service requests to our residents’ total satisfaction, the speed in which our service requests are completed, and the responsiveness and dependability of our office teams. There aren’t many apartment companies who hit on all cylinders like we do at RedPeak.
  • People like, no, love (!) working for RedPeak. And, happy people are much more inclined to go that extra mile to serve our customers. At the end of the day, we’re people people, who are energized and motivated by providing a great and reliable experience to the people who call us home.
  • Are you ready to experience the RedPeak difference first-hand? Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a new job, we are sure to have the perfect place for you.

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