Faith Aids

Director of Marketing

Years at RedPeak: 4

Years in Colorado: 11

If a coworker were to describe Faith Aids’ impact on RedPeak, they would likely say she is the company’s secret weapon.

Full of team spirit, insanely competitive and super talented, Faith articulates RedPeak’s special sauce through full-spectrum marketing and branding initiatives. If you ask her, she’ll say she is most proud of her contribution to RedPeak’s rebranding efforts, and is proud to work for a local Denver company that really lives their values; she believes it is the core to the company’s success.

And she ought to know. In her 10-year career, Faith has held various roles including Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, and previous to joining RedPeak in 2013, as Regional Marketing Manager for Carmel Partners. Faith knows that today’s marketing climate dictates constant innovation and is dedicated to staying ahead of trend and relevant to today’s consumer.

A Georgia native, and avid Bulldogs fan, Faith feels she has two home states. The first, she was born and raised in, the second she fell in love with the moment she arrived. From what she describes as “the beautiful quality of life” to embracing the Denver Broncos, camping in the high country and hiking near St Mary’s Glacier, Faith is one of those Colorado transplants that knows more about what to do and where to go than many natives.

She also gives back. Faith is a graduate of the Downtown Denver Partnership Leadership Program – class of 2015, and her volunteer efforts include serving on the Greenway Foundation's Riverfest Committe, Lifeline Puppy Rescue, SheSays Denver, and Chairing RedPeak’s Sustainability Committee.

When asked why Faith loves Property Management, she says, “This is an exciting time to be in the apartment industry. Innovation is fun. Change is good. The business is evolving rapidly and that’s exciting.”

Favorite Thing About Colorado:

The quality of life is insanely wonderful. Work hard & play hard - It’s just a beautiful way of life.