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West Highland Development Zoning

NEW!  View Councilwoman Susan Shepard’s letter of support for RedPeak’s West Highland Development.


On December 6, 2011, the City and County of Denver Community Planning and Development Department and the City Attorney’s Office were welcomed by the West Highland Neighborhood Association to present information about Denver’s five year citywide rezoning process and how the three properties in RedPeak’s planned development located near the intersection of 32nd & Lowell were analyzed.  The following content from that presentation communicates the process that was followed and the consideration that was given to the three important criteria of Existing Conditions, Previous Zoning, and Plan Recommendations for these parcels of land.

 As RedPeak Properties continues in our efforts to provide clear, accurate and factual information regarding our plans for a residential project that complements the Highlands’ history and charm, we wanted to share these important aspects of the official presentation on our website.

View slides to learn more about the zoning code for RedPeak’s West Highlands Lot >


Letter from City Council

RedPeak would like to commend Councilwoman Susan Shepherd for her decision that she will not support a down zoning of the properties included in RedPeak’s planned multi-family development in West Highland.

Councilwoman Shepherd has been successful in facilitating a productive dialogue between RedPeak and the neighborhood through the Design Advisory Committee which has resulted in compromises that improve the design of the project and respond to neighborhood concerns, but also respects the vested property rights under the MS-5 zoning.  This decision helps solidify the strength and predictability of Denver’s zoning code and will help attract future capital investment in the City of Denver. 

 View Susan Shepherd’s letter of support >
 View Press Release: Councilwoman Susan Shepherd Announces Compromise with RedPeak >



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