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Comments and Feedback

Feedback and Comments

We want to thank all our supporters for their comments and feedback.  RedPeak Properties cares about the communities in which we do business and we believe that our development projects help to improve the neighborhood.  

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Read just some of the other positive comments below:


I am an 18 year resident of West Highlands. I completely support the Red Peak apartment development near Highland Square at 32nd and Lowell. Not only is it the highest and best use of this land as the owner deserves under the law, it also conforms to all the existing building codes and zoning laws. In addition, the developer has listened to and accommodated at least some of the concerns of neighbors, which they did not have to do. Further, consider the One City Block development to see the quality and appealing character that Red Peak brings to neighborhoods. Unfortunately it appears that Red Peak will have to defend it’s rights in court due to some disgruntled neighbors. There has long been a contingent in the West Highland neighborhood who do not represent the neighborhood as they claim, but only themselves as a vocal minority. The city council woman Susan Shepherd even limited her support for this group’s cause. This group must have been out to lunch during the recent years when Blueprint Denver rezoned the city with tremendous public outreach. I enjoy the diversity of West Highlands, including a full spectrum of housing alternatives from single family to multi-plex to high-rise as well as rentals and home ownership – even Section 8 housing. If you think each of these types should be discriminated against by the other and forced into it’s own area, go to Aurora to see how well that works. I support this development and I don’t think we could ask for a better developer.

 3-11-2013 Dan, Resident of Highland Neighborhood 


I spoke in favor of this development at the December 6, 2011 meeting and urged objectivity over emotion when considering some of the issues this development brought up, particularly parking and traffic. I was impressed by the way Mr. Zoellner or RedPeak and Mr. Buchanan of RNL engaged a skeptical community with sincerity and respect. It is a shame this development has faced such opposition from the neighborhood, especially considering many of the comments made publicly reflect certain individuals lack of due diligence when purchasing their own property. That one persons view will be impacted is no reason to punish the rest of the neighborhood by denying it the value this project will bring. 

3-7-2013  Mike, Denver Resident


 “I lived in that neighborhood for roughly 8 years. I’m fully in support of the addition of the Highlands Square Development. As a real estate professional for the past 15 years, working with urban infill projects, I can honestly say this project will add real value to the neighborhood and will strengthen the area! Great plan, RedPeak!”

Stan, Denver Resident


“As a resident of the Highlands / Sloans Lake neighborhood for almost 9 years, I fully support and am excited about RedPeak’s apartment proposals for the 32nd and Lowell neighborhood. This proposal reflects smart growth principles and is an excellent compliment to a diverse neighborhood with great synergy…First off, 4 and 5 story elements are not high-rise by any stretch. The proposal reflects principles outlined in Blueprint Denver right down to the carefully studied and implemented guidelines and criteria found in the new Denver Zoning Code. This is the right type of development for this area and will certainly contribute to the surrounding neighborhood as it strengthens it’s sense of place and provides housing to meet the needs of the market. As a land planner and community development consultant for 29 years, RedPeak has my support for development of these parcels within the parameters of existing zoning. I applaud your work in meeting with the neighbors to listen to concerns and make adjustments to the design. At the end of the day, I see a well designed product that makes economic sense and provides rental homes in a neighborhood where it is much needed. Thank you for investing in the future of West Highlands.”

Chris, Resident of Highland Neighborhood


“A nice design that clearly seeks to respectfully merge into the neighborhood. Please do it. This is a great improvement for the area. Stay the course, but move quickly. Once completed the residents will see the benefits and good design of the completed project and their property values increased. All will be forgiven.”

Anonymous, Resident of Highland Neighborhood


“As a resident of Sloans Lake, I want to express my full support of your Highlands project. It took many years of planning, hearings, neighborhood battles, etc. to finally reach a consensus on Blueprint Denver. You don\’t have to agree with everything, but Planning and Council gave everyone who wanted to be involved, a fair shot of expressing their concerns…additionally, I will not support “on the fly” down zoning efforts that undermine our final approved plan. For those of us in the profession, 5-6 stories is not a high rise. The folks that throw out that misleading information for their own NIMBY efforts must be set straight. I wholly support Red Peak’s efforts as a resident of Sloans Lake. Density is necessary and the rooftops will be welcomed to the businesses. One final thought however, I also desire the highest of design efforts, thoughtful expression and a signature that I know Red Peak is capable of providing as an end result.”

Steve, Denver Resident


“My Mother bought her home…and sold it in 1988. I was raised in that home and have watched lots of new construction go up in the area. I haven’t seen anything as nice like RedPeak is proposing to build. RedPeak is a very professional company and has some of the best properties in this state. I was happy to hear that they were considering doing a project in that part of town.”

Jerry, Resident of Highland Neighborhood


“Not only do I support your project, I appreciate your efforts to reach out to the community and respond to some of their concerns while staying within your development rights. I recognize Red Peak as a top quality Denver-based developer bringing attractive in-fill solutions to our City and neighborhood. As a long-time resident of the West Highland neighborhood, I can assure you that you have considerable support…”

Dan, Resident of Highland Neighborhood