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West Highland Development

West Highland

RedPeak Properties is proud to announce the development of our West Highland residences. The design of the mid-rise project is well within Denver zoning requirements and will greatly complement the neighborhood’s history, tradition and charm.  Located near the intersection of Lowell Blvd & 32nd Avenue, construction is projected to begin in Q3-2012.  This will include the iconic Beth Eden Church building that will be preserved and become an important part of the project.

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Some of the key aspects of our West Highland Development include:

“The West Highland neighborhood is obviously a special part of Denver, with a unique character and charm,” said Mike Zoellner, CEO of RedPeak Properties. “As Denver continues to grow, the neighborhood will obviously become a more desirable place to live, and we want to make this new project ultimately successful for everyone involved, primarily the people who comprise this great community, both today and in the years to come.”